Updates: new novel and springs tour

I’m nearing completion of a new novel. The Prince of Foul Weather concerns a grieving house painter who takes a summer job at a girls’ dance camp in the mountains. The camp thinks they’re getting an artist who will teach art classes. The house painter decides to fake it and live out a kind of fairy tale. The mountains oblige, sending him water dragons and lustful witches, tap-dancing horses and knife-wielding bears and a young dancer who sends him love letters in the form of suicide notes.

In other news, I completed a tour of Florida springs and sinkholes as research for a proposed novel. The research was funded by a State of Florida arts fellowship. I spent a week springs-hopping around Central and North Florida. The springs here are under threat due to polluted runoff and the overuse of water, but they’re still impossibly beautiful. Here’s a pic of just one, Mud Spring in the Welaka State Forest:


August 21, 2015