Song for the Deaf

Songs for the Deaf is a joyful, deranged, endlessly surprising book of stories that defy easy categorization, in addition to the laws of physics (girls ”ride air,” aliens plummet from the sky, a basketball-messiah shoots hoops). Fleming’s prose is glorious music; his rhythms will get into your bloodstream, and his images will sink into your dreams.
—Karen Russell, author of Swamplandia! and Vampires in the Lemon Grove


From Songs For The Deaf

Ethan Fleming

"Half a solution is no solution," I tell her.
--from "Weighing of the Heart" p. 59

Ethan Fleming (Tampa, FL)

Hayley Fleming

The only time we should be scared is when the wind stops talking.
--from "Wind and Rain" p. 147

Hayley Fleming (Tampa, FL)

Grayson Tubbs (Missoula, MT)

"The known world diminished overnight, the encroaching mysteries a sudden reminder of the folly of knowing."

Grayson Tubbs (Missoula, MT)
from "Cloud Reader" p. 11


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